Thursday, January 21, 2010

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One of my sisters in Christ posted this blog and I thought I would share it with you all.  In these times of uncertainty we need one another and we need to uplift one another in prayer and to encourage each other, so with that said I hope you find something to help you through day.
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A message to all members of

Exactly as I planned it will happen. Following My blueprints, it will take shape, Isaiah 14:24...for

He decides destiny and controls fate. Whether there is a feast or is He who examines...each phase of the plan...and the

motives of each woman or man. Will we do His will or pursue our own

plan...void of the Masters commands. For committed and persistent work, will pay off;

get-rich-quick schemes are rip offs...not the style of the Boss...we

say we work for. Therefore, know that God won't let you pimp or

whore...step on necks to get to the top floor, any more. That's what we

have Him for...the C.E.O. and the chairman of the broad...a Sovereign Lord...promoting from the ground floor. Because He planned it from creation, way were even born. There

was a top secret blueprint...of your footprint...divinely coded on your

birth certificate...and only the Father can decode it. And if you

believe in it ...He'll help you walk in it...seeing that He

predetermined it...then supernaturally, signed and sealed it.

Your destiny was designed...from the God's mind,

Mommy Dearest

Be Christ like minded and walk according to your Divine Blueprint! Have a supernatural day!
I KNOW you received something out of the reading of this, I KNOW I DID! 

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