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Divinely, Inspired, Victorious, Anointed Sisters
What it Means to be a Black Doll!  Enjoy


Want a toy black doll delivered to a child? Want to be a Black Doll Fan?

Want to join the Black Dolls at a playdate? Then drop your email in this box:

“It’s only when you HITCH yourself up to something bigger than yourself that you realize your true potential.”

President Barack Obama

1940 and recent “Doll Test” revealed that black children prefer white dolls to black dolls and view black dolls as ugly and bad. On its way around the world, The Black Doll Affair is a grassroots, philanthropic, social movement that began in 2007. Headed up by black women referred to as The Black Dolls, Black Dolls are all ages, shades and sizes. Some Black Dolls are runway fashion models, others are community role models. Their common denominator, is to reverse ugly ‘doll test’ results and change the way black girls are perceived. More importantly, the way they perceive themselves.

"Dolls are more than toys, they're a reflection of hue we are!"

Dana Hill, Black Doll Affair Founder

"Be A Doll, give a doll!" - The Black Doll's mission is to remind black girls that "Black IS beautiful!" The Black Dolls seek to have their individual and unique external beauty, combined with the gift of a beautiful toy black doll, act as a mirror that reflects black beauty to every little black girl they meet. "We're pretty...philanthropic!" To stress the importance of internal beauty, for worthy causes that affect all races living in and around their communities, annually, The Black Dolls commit to hundreds of community service hours and thousands of dollars. At the end of each year, the Black Doll's Affairs are rooted in their "Black Doll Christmas Deliveries." Christmas is the special time of the year when the Black Dolls deliver their message of black beauty and the toy black dolls they collected at their playdates throughout the year. Playdates which mandate "Be a Doll, give a doll." Because of mandate, the Black Dolls are responsible for countless toy black dolls purchased in this country annually.

The Black Doll's supporting cast of members are their "Playmates." Black Doll Affair Playmates are non-black women called Porcelain Dolls, black men are Black Doll Brothas, and non-black men are Porcelain Pals. The Black Dolls and their Playmates, have playgrounds Chapters in Atlanta [HQ] Miami, New York City, and Washington, DC! In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Black Doll, in May 2010, the Black Doll's Hollywood Playground will launch with a kickoff party in the Barbie Suite at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

Hitch Yourself to Something Bigger!

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