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How Believing In Yourself Can Bring You Closer to Your Dreams

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I received this in the mail and thought it was a great article so I wanted to share it with you as well.

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How Believing In Yourself Can Bring You Closer to Your Dreams
By Team On August 2nd, 2010

Most people don’t have a clear vision of how they would like their life to be. They couldn’t tell you what their perfect job, home, and relationship would look like and feel like. It’s no surprise that these same people are not living the life of their dreams. So how do we create dreams worth turning into reality? Then, how can we stop dreaming and start living?

Unfortunately, the way in which we think about the things and situations we would like in our lives is not always fruitful. Answering these questions might be able to help you determine the type of energy of you’re expelling with your thoughts:

* When you think about what you would like to have in your life, do you feel a sense of lack?

If you are concentrating on what you don’t yet have then you will merely attract more lack into your life. It may feel strange at first, start to dream as if your dream is already a reality. It’ll put you in the perfect space to receive what it is you want.

* Do you tear down your own desires because they don’t seem logical to you?

The most outlandish visions create the most satisfying results, so why dream about something that wouldn’t even be all that exciting to achieve? Often times we can’t even see all of the ways that something can work out, so calling something illogical is merely creating an obstacle where there doesn’t need to be one.

* Are you confident in your ability to achieve what it is you desire?

If you don’t actually believe in your own ability to get what you want then you’ve already thrown in the towel. Before you are able to achieve any measure of success, acting as if you’re already there not only puts you in alignment with what you want, but it gives you an extra push to keep moving.

Often times we handle our dreams in a backwards fashion. We think so long and hard about the fact that we don’t already have what we want that we inadvertently push ourselves farther and farther away from what we desire. Operating instead from a place of faith and confidence that we can make any dream into a reality will actually serve as a magnet to bring those things closer.