Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your ASSIGNMENT is ready to come forth! Ride the wave BELOVED of God!

Divinely, Inspired, Victorious, Anointed Sisters

Your time of planning will be the success of your engagements! Your ASSIGNMENT is ready to come forth! Ride the wave BELOVED of God!

PROPHECY - FROM Ears to Hear - DAUGHTERS OF Z website
Posted: 10 Jun 2011 02:31 AM PDT

The Spirit of the Lord says;
My people have been in a critical time of high planning for the Kingdom. The enemy has spent a considerable amount of time attempting to steal from My children their gifts and callings. He has been using the undesirable circumstances, testings, and trials that you have endured, to distract you from the prize. I have warned and spoken times before, not to become distracted, for he has tried to sideline you and dry you out from the great anointing that will carry you through and bring you out. He is a thief and he wants to steal from you your identity, who I have made you to be. Just think how he has used multiple trials to distract you from a time of greater preparations to be able to possess your future destiny. Do not allow your overtaxed thoughts to make you leave the track that I have placed you on. This confused thinking causes you to feel overwhelmed which brings you to a place of wrong choices and others to a place of complacency.
Right now I Am saying to stir up your giftings and callings that I have placed within you. You will experience a freshness as I reinforce your assignments. Assignments have been abandoned, and I Am reviving within you a will to do them now. I have used this time to wisely cut and sever from your life many weights that held you down. Now you will rise and soar to the high places in Me, I have taken this time to streamline you to make your race easier to run. Now for the next six months you will encounter the grace of heaven kissing your life; My ability over and upon you inability. I will open the floodgates to flow into the dry and barren areas of your land and produce abundantly. As the rivers and springs open up, remember it is not so that you can lavish this only upon your desires, no, it is in preparation for the days ahead, and to keep the Kingdom established. Ask for wisdom as you begin to abound in blessings, it will be for the triune. Your spirit, soul, and body will be exposed to an alertness and a renewal for the Kingdom in a higher way. I will also pour like rain strategies so that you may know how to appropriate the blessing and keep them producing. Nothing will be stale! I Am Jehovah- Jireh, I see ahead and plan ahead, as I provide ahead. I have stored up water for those who have seen dryness, and I will nourish your land back to health and supersede your imagination. I have not forgotten one seed of love that you have sown in My name. This will be your pressed down, shaken together, and running over season. Be wise and understanding even as My servant Joseph was. Blessed even in the time of famine.


Pastor D.
Scripture References: Luke 6:38; 2 Tim. 1:6; Is. 41:18; Gen. 47