Sunday, September 12, 2010

Divinely, Inspired, Victorious, Anointed Sisters

Hey everyone,
DIVAS BY DESIGN is now an affiliate of THE GLOW PROJECT and I just wanted to share what they are doing and give you a heads up on our upcoming event in this area.  Please feel free to visit their site and log on the our site and order your cd today it will be well worth your time and effort.
be blessed & flourish,

Dr. MeChelle

The GLOW Project is a powerful program that has been created to inspire, motivate and empower women. We provide support, encouragement, ideas and insights to help women overcome what appear to be seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles. GLOW is about walking in your truth, spreading your wings and soaring into your full potential. GLOW is about being your best self.

There are several components to the GLOW Project and they include:

* The GLOW Project Movie—This is a full feature film that showcases a dynamic group of top corporate achievers and successful women business owners. These women openly share their lowest lows and how they tapped into their GLOW to achieve success and happiness on their own terms. The movie is the foundation of the GLOW Project and is being heralded around the world as “required viewing for every woman on the planet.” Top women’s associations, such as Ladies Who Launch, Women’s Leadership Exchange, eWomenNetwork, and others, strongly endorse and praise the GLOW Project. Women everywhere are hosting GLOW movie screenings in their homes, businesses and churches.

Glow Reactions
Glow Reactions
Now for the first time, learn how to manifest, illuminate and tap into the power of your GLOW. The GLOW Project will inspire you to live your passion when forces around you fill you with fear and doubt. This movie is, without question, one of the most inspiring movies ever created for women. Time: 1 hour 18 minutes.

* GLOW Project Social Community—Launching in 2010. Join the conversation, express yourself, connect and build relationships with others who are a part of the GLOW Project worldwide and in your neighborhood.

* GLOW Project Live Events—You can host a GLOW Project event in your community.

Scenes from the Plano, Texas Red Carpet screening

We encourage you to spread the power of the GLOW Project by hosting a screening in your own home. Invite a few girlfriends to your in-home GLOW Project Movie Night. Maybe you want to go bigger and host a public screening to raise money for your group or a special cause at a movie theater, corporate office, school, university, church or association in your city. We can assist you! Depending on how large the event and your budget, we may even be able to have some of the stars of the GLOW Project at your movie event. Click here to learn about public screenings.

* GLOW Project Training Events—Beginning in 2010 we will launch our two-day GLOW Project Training Events. Learn how to tap into and live in GLOW. Discover how to soar past the challenges that have blocked your success and so much more.

* The GLOW Project is a Philanthropic Initiative—Three nonprofit organizations benefit from the sales of GLOW Project DVDs. They are CARE, eWomenNetwork Foundation, and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. In addition to these fine organizations, we welcome other nonprofits who want to use the GLOW Project as a fundraising initiative in their area. Contact us at or call 972-620-9995, ext. 1021 for information and assistance.


Winnie Palmer
Hospital for
Women & Babies


GLOW is not something you can buy. There are no barriers to accessing GLOW, yet few women have learned how to manifest, nurture and harness the incredible power of GLOW. Let us help you expand your GLOW.

“GLOW…While it is invisible, women can see it.
While it cannot be touched, women can feel it."