Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Live Life In the Flow

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I was sent this and wanted to share it. I love to share get articles and books I have read or come across.
When I read this I knew that I must allow you my readers a chance to read it as well. It is a great eye opener and causes your mind to think about the way you have been viewing life.
So enjoy the article and let me know what you get out of it.

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By ItsAllAboutWomen.com Team On August 9th, 2010

Flow can be an illusive concept when things seem to be chugging along at a snail’s pace and challenges are around every corner. Fortunately, like most anything in our lives, flow can be manipulated depending on how open we are to making changes in our thoughts and behavior.

Think of a day when things seem to fall into place effortlessly and with very little pushing. Most would love to be in this constant state of bliss, but aren’t entirely sure how they created it in the first place. Perhaps these tips can help:

Determine Your State of Mind

If your thoughts create what transpires in your life then it’s important to always be aware of your state of mind. Not only can this change the course of a day that is heading in a negative direction, but it can allow you to recreate that feeling you get when things seem to be going along perfectly.

Follow Your Bliss

Most people don’t enjoy the career path they’ve chosen or the particular job they’re in. Unfortunately this tends to stop flow in it’s tracks, and can keep you in a constant state of subtle, or not so subtle, unhappiness. It may seem like a challenge at first, but follow your bliss. Of course if you weren’t already enjoy your life then you don’t have much to lose, do you?

Don’t Micro Manage the Universe

Often times being in the flow means allowing things to transpire in a way that we hadn’t imagined or anticipated. Therefore it’s important to recognize the difference between things going wrong and things just not happening as planned. In truth, God sees the bigger picture far better than we can with our conscious mind. So let it happen and let it go.

Feel Your Feelings

Just like with the Law of Attraction, being in a state of flow means being aware of your feelings. After all, attracting good doesn’t just mean thinking good thoughts, it means feeling what it would be like if your dreams and desires were actually reality.

Always Practice Gratitude

Even if you aren’t happy with where you are in your life at this moment, it’s important to recognize the things that you are grateful for. This puts you in the mindset of receiving good which in turn can give you the feeling of being in the flow.

It’s entirely possible to live your entire life in a state of flow, and luckily you are more than capable of making that happen.